Saturday, August 10, 2013

My most popular post-Buying seeds online

Among all the posts so far on this blog, i just realized that there is one post which most people are keen to visit, and that's none other than " Buying Seeds Online in India - Finally a website"

I realized that if one googles "Buying Seeds Online", this blog gets listed right at the top and the post above is shown. Thanks readers for this. However, i feel that the post was done long back and since then, there are quite a few options to buy seeds online. I will soon review some websites that sell seeds online. 

Buying tip for online shoppers:


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  4. I have purchased seeds a couple of times but have not got much success in germination. I last purchased Coleus seeds from ebay. It was 100% failure. Not even one seed germinated out of 200 seeds. I later realized that the seeds were more than 2 years old :(.. I get best results from my own collected seeds... Check my blog to know how to collect seeds..

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