Sunday, October 19, 2014

Butterfly @ work

A butterfly @ work in our garden!

Turning the kitchen into a terrace garden

The Government of Tamil Nadu has announced the do-it-yourself kit programme for the promotion of roof top vegetable garden in Chennai and Coimbatore.
This kit introduced under the Urban Horticulture Development Scheme contains vegetable seeds, pesticides, fertilizers, a polythene sheet and gardening tools along with a technical booklet with instructions. This has been introduced as a platform to city dwellers to cultivate their own vegetables in polythene bags on their rooftops.
The best thing about this kit is that it contains all the products in one package - otherwise, you would have to run to about a dozen stores to collect all the ingredients to kick start your own garden. 
While the actual price is around 2,700 Rupees, the Government has offered 50% subsidy and the kit costs Rs. 1350. From my experience, it is real value for money and the commercials are great. 
The end result will be like this:

While I bought a kit offline, you can also explore online buying at
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