Sunday, March 30, 2014

BIOCARVE - Discount on seeds

BIOCARVE is running an offer on their website - a flat 10% off on all products. Apply Code OVDLF to avail 10% Discount on all Flower Seeds and Vegetable Seeds on 
The only catch is that there is a fixed standard shipping fee of Rs. 75. But it is offset by reasonably low priced seeds for vegetables. The other positive is the categorization of vegetables into those that are ideal for summer(like Bitter Gourd, Bottle Gourd, Capsicum, Cucumber, Okra, Long Melon etc.) versus those that can be grown in winter(Beans, Brinjal, Peas, carrot, Cabbage, Broccoli, etc.). The site also sells Gardening Tools and Manure.
The site features their seed processing facility equipment. Overall, an impressive website with a variety of reasonably priced  vegetable and flower seeds.


  1. Buying tip for online shoppers:
    I've been using to save money on websites I use anyway like Flipkart, Yatra, Jabong and more. I thought this would be useful for you too. It's free to join and you can easily save Rs 10,000 every year-

  2. Hi, I found a neat site that sends free seeds with almost anything you buy from them. I bought some Lilium bulbs this winter and got Organic Italian Basil seeds free and now I am harvesting delicius basil to go with my conti cusiine. Now I've recd some Austrian Parsley with my recent order of Football Lilies. Can't wait for these seedlings to grow


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