Sunday, August 4, 2013

Solar Lamps - A beautiful addition to the garden

Solar Lamps are a beautiful addition to the garden, especially in South India where the sun is bright and shiny almost throughout the year. The benefits are two fold - since the lights are in the garden, they are exposed to the sun anyway, so it makes sense to utilize the solar energy. Its a wonderful way of contributing our mite to the conservation of resources and using non-conventional sources of energy. Another major benefit will be that we will avoid running electric wires across the garden. 

We owe so many things to the Sun, including this:

No doubt there are several occasions on which prayers are offered to the Sun according to our Hindu Culture. 


  1. By using renewable energy like sun, wind, waves, geothermal heat solar lamps produce energy. We can use this in different ways as decorating gardens, lawns and interiors. It takes only minimal maintenance and looks beautiful.

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