Saturday, August 3, 2013

Making your own seeds

Interesting - isn't it. It took me quite some while to realize that making seeds is easier than making Plants! Yes, you heard me right. That's because the time and effort required to make seeds is quite less. 
Now that I've captured your interest, let me tell you how exactly to "make" your own seeds. The procedure is quite simple. 
Take the vegetables like lady's finger/ beans/ double beans/ drum sticks/ peas etc. that contain the green seeds in them, and put them in a polythene bag. Ensure that the vegetable is dry. Put this polythene bag in a refrigerator and forget it, (I mean it) for about 1 week's time. After a week, open the bag and observe that the vegetable has got fully dehydrated(lost all water/ moisture) and has become dry. Carefully open the outer cover of the vegetable and lo - what you have in front of you are seeds - those beautiful things which can now go into your garden and with adequate care will sprout into beautiful plants.

You can also use this dehydration method to remove moisture from potatoes and other vegetables before making fried chips out of them - this way, they are crispier and consume very less oil.

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