Saturday, August 3, 2013

The time to start growing Beans

Its that time of the year when the summer is almost over in South India and its going to start raining. Now is the ideal time to start planting Beans. There are two varieties of Beans - one is a beautiful climber and the other is a plant. Both  grow very quickly - the plant is almost stable in a fortnight and then, starts yielding the vegetable in another 20 days' time. 
Some tips to grow beans:
1. Try to grow atleast two dozen plants - only then will the yield be sufficient to make any dish. 
2. Don't grow in direct sunlight. A little shade will help.
3. Do not water heavily - it will lead to the plant decomposing.
4. Any natural nutrient can be added after two weeks. 

The vegetable can also be eaten raw when it is fresh - you will find it very sweet. 

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