Thursday, September 23, 2010

Karamani (Black-eyed Pea) - an easy vegetable to grow in the home garden

Just back from a break in gardening. The brinjal with thorns is giving good yields, tempting me to venture into the garden again, in spite of time constraints. I have just planted The Karamani -காராமணி (in Tamil) , known as the Black-Eyed Pea,  three days back, and already, more than a 100 seeds have become little plants, bearing tiny leaves. Its a climber and I have to provide a twine to help them climb up. It is quite suited to the climatic conditions of our country. Last year too, the plant gave a super yield. Just two of those plants and it kept producing several long beans every day. This time, there are a 100 saps. and i really look forward to the next few days. Its such a pleasure to see how these plants grow.

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