Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Indian Borage

The Indian Borage is a very useful plant which works like a miracle on common cold and sore throat. Take a leaf and munch it raw. Its very pungent but powerful too.

Growing the Indian Borage

The easiest way to propagate the Indian Borage is to use stem cuttings (Seeds can also be used, where available).Cut a length of the central stem. Each segment should be approximately 5-8 inches and have several nodes. Remove the leaves from the bottom two to three nodes and insert into the soil.It's important to make sure your pot has good drainage. Ideally, the soil should be moist. Take care not to overwater as this plant does not like wet conditions.If you live in the tropical or subtropical areas, place the plant in semi-shade. If the amount of sun is right, the leaves should be a nice jade-green. If it is getting too much sun, the leaves turn yellow and start curling; not enough sun, and the leaves turn a dark shade of green.In cooler regions, the plant can be placed in full sun. As it is susceptible to frost, you may want to grow it in a pot which can be moved indoors or to more sheltered areas during winter.

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