Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Super sweet Tomato Recipie - a South Indian Delicacy - especially for the lazy

Tomatoes are one of my favourite vegetables (just look at this blog's header image right at the top of the page). A super dish which can be made easily with tomatoes and is a variant of the popular South Indian Dish 'Rasam' is the soup I prepare at home. The recipie is as follows:
1. Clean the tomatoes well. DO NOT CUT THEM. (Makes it easy, doesn't it)
2. Boil water in a long vessel. Add the full tomatoes to the boiling water and close the lid tightly. The vessel should be long so that the water doesn't spill out. Let this simmer for around 20 minutes, by which time the tomatoes will be cooked nicely and will not have the raw tinge in them.
3. Churn the tomatoes with a churner (called Mattu in Tamil) till they blend well with the hot water. You can also use a mixie and blend the tomatoes.
4. Add salt and pepper and mix well, and lo, the delicacy is ready.
5. For those who love cream, let the mix cool. Now, add cream of milk and beat the mixture in a mixie. And vow, you have a lovely soup ready.
6. You can optionally top it up with fresh, small coriander gratings.
Hope you like the taste. Enjoy this especially on a chilly day as a starter.

Why Kids love gardens

Spending some time yesterday with my kid in the garden inspired me to write this post... My kid loves the garden. He likes to run around and get his hands dirty with the soil. He loves to keep digging, making holes, pouring water into them and creating his own little wells of water. He also loves to chase the butterflies and try to catch them. Spraying water on others using the hose pipe is another one of his favourite pranks. I love to watch him play in the garden - Its such a good, refreshing activity that keeps him physically fit. And of course, a welcome break from watching cartoons on television.

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