Saturday, August 10, 2013

How to Grow Ginger - A super plant to grow in India

Ginger forms a part of everyday cooking in India. Called as adhrak in Hindi and Injee in Tamil, ginger is usually crushed and added to any dish to spice it up. Ginger tea is famous too. Its medicinal properties are well know and ginger helps clear common cold as well as digestion problems. 

Ginger plants

How to Grow Ginger
Growing ginger is very easy. When you hop to the vegetable store, look for ginger which has small sprouts coming out of it. 
Soak the ginger with sprouts in warm water overnight. 
Loosen up soil and plant the ginger with the sprouts facing upwards. 
And all you have to do now is water it and wait for it to grow. Soon, in less than a week, you will find the plant with few thin sharp leaves , and lo.. the ginger plant has started growing.

After 45 days, you can harvest and take the ginger. Be sure to now plant back a small part so that you can get more ginger soon!

For those who have grown Turmeric, you will find a lot of similarity to Ginger - the way the roots are, the growing pattern and all. 


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