Monday, October 25, 2010

One thing I would like to throw out of my garden

As much as I love my garden, I hate one thing associated with it - its the increasing number of reptiles. As I expand my garden, so is the increase in the number of these reptiles, especially the Lizard. And they have a bad habit of jumping from the garden into the house. The very site of a lizard on the wall is so repelling.


  1. Spray red hit on them, and kill them once they fall down.

  2. Actually its a very natural life feeds life cycle. The increase in flora will increase the insects that will feed upon the fresh leaves etc and the increase in insects will bring in the associated predators of those insects and so on an so forth, until the right balance is achieved. If you get rid of the frogs, lizards etc that prey on the mosquitos and flies you will have to then deal with malaria and other such diseases. so it is better to let nature do its work in harmony and at best you should insulate yourself with screens on your windows and doors. trust me you will lead a healthy life. where i stay, an increase in the lizard population is taken care of by other reptiles like the Bronze Back Tree snake which is a natural predator of the lesser reptile - the lizard. One the food source diminishes the predators move on to other grounds. Cheers.


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