Sunday, November 14, 2010

New Additions to the Garden - Chrysanthemums!

The Chrysanthemums are must have in the garden. I planted some last year, but they failed to survive. Recently, I spotted some yellow and lavender chrysanthemum plants in a nursery. They were in full bloom and i couldn't resist the temptation of buying them. Bought a few pots too for a decent sum of money and lo, now right at the entrance to my home and the garden, I have the beautiful and bright yellow and the lavender chrysanthemums welcoming us and the visitors inside.
Chrysanthemum is locally called Saamandhi in Tamil and is offered to the Lords, especially to Lord Balaji.


  1. Few things that are to be considered while getting home chrysanthemums in India. Plant them in the pot whose size is atleast 50% more than the one given by the garden center guy. Or, if you're potting them in ground - use little compost and vermiculite/perlite around the root area. There are two types of mums - Annuals and perennials, You must have got annual mum - These die after a bloom. For few days, if possible put the pot in the partial shade until it adapts to new conditions.

    Instead of purchasing full bloom mum plant, try planting in early summer(need to protect them heat though). prune them after a month and let the last pruning be done by last week of july. Try adding a slow release fertilizer every 2 weeks. enjoy the blooms for 4 to 5 months.


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