Sunday, October 10, 2010

Unable to grow capsicums - Pl. help troubleshoot

Usually, I have been writing about success stories and good yields from my garden. However, the one crop which is really dodging me is the capsicum(or are they called bell-peppers?). I love the green ones and right since last year, I have been sourcing seeds from various places and trying them out in different patches of my garden. However, the seeds are not even sprouting. Is it a curse or am  I missing some detail? Really look forward to those who have been more successful to help me with this.


  1. Hi,

    I hope you did not plant the seeds from the fruit itself. Most of the fruits are of a hybrid type and their seeds may not germinate and even if they do they may not produce fruits as seeds needs to undergo some processes before they could be germinated.

    You also need to give them a soaking and planting depth should also be low.

    I am a hydroponic grower and I can help you with seeds and nutrients etc. You can view the nutrients on line at e-bay and I can send you some seeds as a complimentary.

    Best Regards

    Atul Kalaskar

  2. Hi Atul, Thanks. 300 lits is a huge quantity. Mine is a pretty small garden. What is the least that you can supply?

  3. Hello, I'm also in the process of growing veggis in my root top garden. Please suggest me how to set up root top garden and cultivate green peppers.




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