Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Growing Garlic - a pictorial tutorial

Garlic cloves
Break garlic bulbs into individual cloves ready for planting. Take care not to damage the cloves as this can lead to rotting.

Planting garlic cloves outdoors
In mild regions, plant the cloves in well-prepared soil spacing them 10cm apart. Simply push the cloves into the soil so that the tip of each one is just below the surface.

Planting garlic cloves in seed tray
In cold areas and to speed up the growth-rate of the crop, plant the cloves in divided seed trays of multi-purpose compost. Water well and place trays in a cool greenhouse or cold frame to grow on.

Planting out young garlic plants
Garlic plants grown in trays will be ready to plant out. Use a trowel to make a hole and set the plants at the same level as they were growing in the trays.


  1. Its really informative but garlic is generally planted in August and grown all through February. It is a autumn winter crop.

  2. Thanks for the tutorial bro!
    Was looking for this and found it very informative! Thanks once again and hoping to see more of this in the future.

  3. Keep up the good work. Really very simple and informative article.Would love to try it. Thanks once again. I already bought the garden tools from purna organics last week just waiting to start working towards garden.


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