Sunday, June 10, 2012

Some tips to grow drumstick

Drumstick is a very useful vegetable and widely used in South Indian food preparations, especially SAMBAR - the dish served as first course in South Indian Meals.
Growing drumstick is a very easy task. It grows into a tree, and can be trimmed at frequent intervals. The branch, when planted, gives rise to a new tree, so its really easy to create new drumstick plants very quickly. Initially, the new branch will appear to dry. Within a few days, however, beautiful new green leaves sprout.
Within six months, you will find hundreds of drum sticks swaying nicely from the tree. These days, when a single drum stick is selling @ five rupees, it makes sense to grow this nice tree. The leaves too are a rich source of nutrients and can be added to any dish. They are a bit pungent, so its better to fry it before adding it to any other dish.


  1. I've never seen these trees in the US - I wonder if it grows here? I do love drumstick in sambar, though! Delicious!

    1. HI, I have heard that drumsticks do grow in the USA. You can also grow them from seeds, fairly easy to grow. Not sure if it grows in cold conditions though.

  2. Indeed an great information. Always i love eating drumsticks. Let me also try.


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