Monday, August 13, 2012

A tip regarding Humming Bird Tree

I have a Humming Bird Tree, popularly called as Agathi Keerai in Tamilnadu for more than 2 and half years now. What started as a small plant has grown into a tree that is almost as tall as my two-storeyed home. The canopy is not wide. One of the elders suggested that the tree must now be allowed to grow to such height and we should prune the trunk at a low height, and the tree re-grows in quick time. This is essential because the trunk is not very strong and may snap in case of strong winds, especially in the rainy season. I followed the tip and chopped off the tree, and soon, beautiful and fresh green shoots emerged at the exactly the same place the tree was felled.
Flowers of the humming bird tree:


  1. Hi, we have this kind in our yard. Is it's leaves edible? Have you any pointers for dishes using any part of this plant?

    1. Yes, its edible. You can add it like greens to any spicy dish.


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