Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Natural beauty - Preventing hair-loss - a homemade garden product

Hibiscus hair oil is believed to help make ones hair grow nicely - thick and strong. It prevents dandruff and hair-loss.
How to make homemade hibiscus hair oil
Get five flowers. You can use fresh as well one day old flowers. Take 3 fresh leaves also. chop these ingredients into small pieces. Using a mixer/grinder just crush it. No need to make it a paste. You can get 1/2 cup of it, accordingly add more flowers if needed.Then put this mix into a heating bowl or pan. Add 1 cup of your favorite oil which you uses on hair. May be you can choose coconut oil. Mix well. Heat it in low flame. Now when the fumes starts coming add three leaves of tulsi if you have. And add few grains of corn or rice or fenugreek and see it pops up. At that time switch of the flame. Allow it to cool. Sieve the homemade hibiscus hair oil into a glass bottle.Before bathing warm the oil and apply on hair and scalp and do a massage. Wait for 10 min. and take a bath. If you use this homemade hibiscus hair oil at least once in a week consistently that will hep your hair to grow well.
  • Do not add water to crush the leaves and flowers. If you use mixer/grinder then add little oil to if you need to ,make a paste.
  • The more you boil, the longer the oil can be preserved. 


  1. nyc idea..would try it..btw i live in delhi n i'm thinkin o'startin a terrace garden..i want to begin with herbs..u've any idea where i should look for em in delhi?

  2. am not sure about Delhi. I am Down South.

  3. interesting. I would love to try this to get rid of dandruff. However, as I already have thick hair, I am afraid I'll transform into a lioness in just a few applications.. But, I'll try to make it for my father who is bald.. dunno if it will work.. will research more about the ingredients if I can find them here in the Philippines. :)Nice blog. It's so informative with all the herbal thingy going on.. :))

  4. Great blog - good to find someone from India on blotanical.

    Kind regards
    Elspeth (UK)


  5. awesome! looking forward to more posts.i spotted pink hibiscus for sale the other day in mangalore, it looked so pretty

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