Monday, January 31, 2011

Tossing banana skins to improve yield - A tip for gardeners

Recently came across an article about how Banana Peels are rich in both phosphorus and potassium. These are important macro-nutrients that plants need. I have started implementing this in my garden. I really look forward to the results. One blog specifically refers to the benefits that rose plants get from such banana peels.

An advantage of these peels is that they very quick disintegrate into the soil. Also, this is a better method of disposing off an otherwise "waste" commodity.

Here are some specific steps for creating the Banana Peel Fertilizer:
1.Cut the banana peel up into small pieces and put them in your soil. As they break down, they will help your plants by adding nutrients to the soil.

2.Cut the peels up into small sections and put them into an empty spray bottle. Fill it with warm water and let it sit for a couple of weeks. The peel will ferment and turn the liquid into fertilizer.

3. Blend the peels in a blender with warm water, and pour the results directly onto potted plants or into the dirt in your garden. Same result: fertilizer!


  1. Vow. I love the post and the picture. Will try to implement this right-away.

  2. organic farming is the best farming ever done it is the natural process done for farming without any cemical

  3. Yes, I did that without knowing the benefits. The plants did come up better than what it was before.
    Now I toss them in compost pots.
    I will start the process again. Thanks.

  4. I toss not just banana peel buy all vegetable peel not used for cooking into the garden, onion, potato, pumkin, water melon, egg shell, tea leaves after making tea etc. makes the soil rich. coconut fiber and dry leaves from the garden too are good.I am told the water used for washing rice, pulses etc are also very good too lazy to try this but will soon do this too...


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