Monday, July 5, 2010

A solar light for the garden - Review on D-Light's KIRAN

With an obsession to going green, I ordered for D-Light company's KIRAN, touted as the world's cheapest Solar lamp (price being Under $ 10). After doing some online research, I found the solar lamp KIRAN online. The price is Rs.550 (INR). Here is a review on the product:


  • It harnesses solar energy and is a one-time expense
  • It looks really nice and can fit into your bedroom or drawing room more than the garden
  • Light-weight (feather-weight)
  • Single unit
  • Has 2 lighting modes 
  • The light is just enough to dispel darkness. Not very bright.
  • Lack of service stations
Overall, if you are really green-conscious, you can buy the product. There are a few costlier versions which one may try.

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  1. Solar light! That would be great to have. It will be a great help for everybody especially it is a big help to our mother nature.


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