Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Growing Mints - Some practical lessons

The Good phase
Growing mints has been a real experience. Initially, i bought mint from the vegetable market. Most of the mint stems had roots. After removing all the leaves and using it for cooking, i planted the stems. Even within a few days, nice little green leaves started growing.
The Mints took a real beating this summer. Not only that, the plants started growing prolifically and covered a large patch of the garden. I always picked the leaves and never removed the stem.

The Bad Patch
During peak summer, the mint plants started drying up. I missed watering the plants for only a day and it resulted in a disaster - except for a few of the mint plants, the rest turned black and no amount of watering revived them.

I would suggest those having mint plants in really hot places to grow them in the coolest corner of the garden. Its a bitter lesson I have learnt.


  1. Hi,
    I too am interested in Gardening, though I have just started. I like your blog for the useful information.

    I have been having Mint in pots for the past one
    year, and protected them from rain and sun. Felt good that they are blooming , drying , rotting and blooming again. :-)


  2. Mint is a very charming spice. It really makes food delicious. Thanks for the tips on growing mint. I will try out the same.

  3. i am very thankful to your suggestion above mint growing. we strongly needs mint leaves in summer or hot weather


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