Thursday, October 29, 2009

The brinjals have arrived

After a break, the garden gave birth to another variety - the brinjal(or egg-plant). The plant grew rapidly once the seeds were sown. There were many flowers - beautiful saffron flower-like, but none of them turned into a vegetable. yesterday, I spotted the first flower which has just started to turn into a brinjal.

Another interesting thing is that the leaves have little thorns all over them. Am awaiting the Brinjal's birth very keenly.


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  2. Hi, Nice blog you have here.
    I've just now started my veggies and was wondering how long it takes for the brinjals to germinate.

  3. Wonderful! It's always such fun to have your own veggies growing for you, isn't it?
    I grow quite a few myself but have never grown brinjals yet (its not exactly a favourite with anyone in the family, so ...)I'd love to see the flowers though. Maybe you could post a photo of one?

  4. I have had brijal yield in pots on my terrace but after it bears 4-5 brinjals its attacked by pests any ideas on what can be done ?

  5. If you have access to cow-urine, you can sprinkle a little of it on the plants once a week.
    Otherwise, you can add a little turmeric powder to buttermilk that is atleast 10 days old(so that it is fermented) and sprinkle it. This will keep away the pests. A dash of chilli powder can also be added if the pests are adamant. These are some organic options that you have.

  6. Why dont u upload some pics? your posts hardly have any pics in this blog

  7. so sorry I did not visit earlier and see your response will try out the buttermilk concocotion can I spray this on tomatoe plants which have some sort of white fungi on it?Thanks for that doable organic pest control suggestion


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