Tuesday, July 21, 2020

World looks to Indian Herbs & Ayurveda during COVID

COVID has created quite a disruption in the world, which is now looking to some cure/ preventive measure to help things get back to normal. Several herbal concoctions are now being studied as possible cures for COVID.Our own

  • Tulsi (Basil), 
  • Neem, 
  • Ginger, 
  • Turmeric, 
  • Betel leaves , 
  • Cinnamon, 
  • Cardamom
    and a variety of herbs and leaves that form a part of a typical Indian diet are believed to boost immunity and prevent infection. 
Ayurveda being a holistic system suggests a rigorous and disciplined routine coupled with home-made simple food to prevent the spread of the VIRUS.
Of course, clinical research is being carried out to validate all the above. But no harm befalls one who follows the above as a possible preventive measure.

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